We declare here that the business information published on the "Shiptec China Cloud Exhibition" service platform (short as platform here), including the online exhibition hall and product demand lists are all released by Shiptec China exhibitors and industry customers themselves, has nothing to do with this platform. The platform operator does not make any guarantee and commitment to the authenticity and completeness of the contents, the infringement upon rights, in violation of relevant provisions of the government and so on. In case of any violation of the platform's relevant interests due to above mentioned misconduct, the liability shall be borne by the publisher, and the platform reserves the right of accountability.At the same time, the release of business information by exhibitors and industry customers on this platform is regarded as their authorization of the rights for public release and dissemination of the information through the platform as well as the right of the information reference by the platform. Any liability caused due to the dissemination and modification of the information by the third party is not borne by the platform.

We hereby declare the above!

Shiptec China Management Office